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On February 18, 2020, the newest version of the baseline and credit calculation tool (Maryland Nutrient Tracking Tool or MNTTv.3) will be released on this website. The most recent update includes a recalibration and other modifications to align it with the latest version of the Chesapeake Bay Program’s suite of models, Phase 6. All existing accounts and projects will be available on the new version.

Changes in the new version include: updated baselines and delivery factors, expansion of the options under pastures and hayfields to add a number of grass varieties, among them switchgrass and big bluestem (industrial hemp will also be added soon); revisions to Wetland best management practices (BMPs); removal of Stream Restoration and Decision Agriculture from the list of available BMPs; removal of the Prescribed Grazing BMP since rotational grazing activities are now captured in the Crop Management portion of the online tool; as well as improvements in tool functionality to make it more user friendly.

Anyone wishing to use assessments from the current version for submissions to either the Certainty or Agricultural Credit Certification Program will need to re-run them using the latest version since the results will differ. Removed BMPs noted above will not appear in existing worksheets in the new version; those users who selected Prescribed Grazing as a BMP will need to enter the appropriate data under Crop Management.

The current version (MNTTv2 based on the Chesapeake Bay Model 5.3.2) will be archived for those with existing Certainty assessments, and access will be granted upon request to the Maryland Department of Agriculture (MDA).

For questions or additional information, contact Susan Payne, MDA’s Coordinator of the Ecosystem Markets and Certainty Programs at


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National Network on Water Quality Trading

The Maryland Department of Agriculture is a member of the National Network on Water Quality Trading. In June 2015, that group published a comprehensive reference providing the essential tools for new and evolving water quality trading programs. “Building a Water Quality Trading Program: Options and Considerations” identifies common trading issues and the options, considerations, and examples important to building a trading program. It captures several decades of experience in trading programs and is the product of a dialogue between National Network participants who represent agriculture, wastewater utilities, environmental groups, regulatory agencies, and practitioners. To learn more about the National Network and its activities, go to; to download the full publication, go to


For more information about the nomination of the Maryland Nutrient Trading Program for the Growing Blue Award, see press release put out by the Maryland Department of Agriculture.